The weather report last night said that we are going to go through a period of unseasonably cold weather. Considering we have had unseasonably warm weather, I get it, that way the yearly average might come together.

The rains stopped but I have heard that they are coming again. I am just happy that I got the bulbs planted and the rain barrels undone and set up the downspouts to send the water further away from the garage then it would be if I just did nothing. Currently, the barrels are drying in the garage and I am going to turn them over in the area behind the garage. Another season of rainwater is over.

I put on my sweatshirt to walk Stewie and was just warm enough for our walk. Supposedly, the temps were in the thirties. Stewart, of course, was happy as a clam as we went around the block. Yesterday was a wonderful day for him as he cleaned up after the grandkids while they ate and was even thrown half a croissant by our future baseball star. That young man, who has not even reached the age of two, has a throwing arm that just doesn’t quit. He is at a point of not realizing his power (or maybe he is) and sometimes throwing it at us in anger, or if we are not lucky to catch it fast enough, have something thrown in our faces. When he throws, it goes! We also noticed yesterday, despite his raspy cold, that he now knows how to jump with both feet leaving the floor. He can do it on command.

Okay, enough of this, I need to go to Oakton for the first time this week. My usual Monday didn’t happen because of our monthly downtown meetings at the Canadian Consulate and I am sure that the people who come will be very happy to see me as they ‘have missed a day.’

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