Monsoon rains in November with many leaves still green

One bright, red tree among many that are less than vibrant.

In a little while, we are hosting a preparation meeting for the Chicago Associates of the Stratford Festival. We have assembly-line things to do in preparation for the Tuesday Event at Kendall College. Our goal is to fundraise and be able to subsidize a worthy actor so that he/she can attend the Birmingham Conservatory in Stratford and have a chance at acting on that prestigious stage.

We are also watching our youngest grandchild as his sister is at her swimming lessons. He is running around and keeping us busy as we prep the house for the meeting.

I walked Stewie and then went to Deerfields Bakery (please note that that is not my punctuation error, that is what it is called) and the Upper Crust Bagel place. I bought a fresh coffee cake and a baguette for dinner at Deerfields and then bought a dozen bagels for our meeting as well. Fall, monsoon rains are in effect, a total surprise to me as I had left the grill outside uncovered and was attempting to dry out the inside of the cover (that had gotten wet in rain several days ago). It is quite annoying and I barely managed to stay dry thanks to my Gore-Tex jacket.

I have a quick moment so I thought that I would blog and as I am doing so, luckily our little charge is playing choo choo. Choo choo has been written about before. Our main level consists of a living room, dining L, and kitchen. The kitchen is enclosed by walls with a door toward the dining room and also toward the living room. The kids, for whatever reason, have always loved going through the kitchen and two door frames and sometimes build up speed as they do so, hence the ‘choo choo’ situation.

Our youngest charge should be picked up minutes after our preparation meeting begins so it should all work out okay.

So we have rain, cold, fall, and an impending time change. Despite my hatred of Daylight Savings Time, or maybe because of it, I am looking forward to returning to normal time and not having it so hideously dark in the early morning.

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