I love Technology

The Echo Dot and our new Sonos Speaker. I can use the Sonos for Amazon Music, my own music, or even French Internet Radio Stations.

My mom said that my dad loved gadgets.

I guess the proverbial apple doesn’t fall that far from the tree. I love gadgets and that love morphed into a love of Technology.

I am tired of not admitting it; it is time to truly admit it.

Frankly, I think that this love is something that will keep me young, younger than some of my peers. Love of Technology is love of learning because to keep up with it at all, you have to constantly try to understand newer and more difficult (or easier) things.

Each time you set up some new Technology, you have to be prepared for the glitches and pitfalls. I have gotten better about dealing with those and that has taken a lifetime.

We currently have a set up where we can turn on lights and outlets with a phone app and now we have Alexa, via the Echo Dot, to take it one step further. There were a few, minor moments of troubleshooting, but overall, it was good. I just ordered a second Echo Dot to put upstairs. As it now stands, I can call Alexa from the lowest level and ask her to do things (or do them via my phone), so that level is okay.

Love of learning takes many forms, for me it includes trying new things and figuring out how to use them. The funny thing is that Mary Kay was kind of laughing about the new Echo Dot, thinking it was going to be one of my silly gadgets and yet she has fallen in love with it. It is relatively intuitive and very easy to use. I particularly love being in the kitchen and being able to speak to Alexa and set the timer without having to touch anything. That is a great thing to do. I also like being able to orally add things to the grocery list while sitting at the dining room table.

I wonder what my next Technology move will be…

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