Chicago Associates of the Stratford Festival Gala Event 2017

My alerts all said that we had frost, that it had hit thirty-two degrees or less.

I still have not put away the pools for the little ones; they had small amounts of ice on them. The grass was frosted and the air was quite cool. I cleaned them off and put them in the garage.

We got home around ten Tuesday night, after a day that started downtown around 2:30 PM for us. We went into the city for the Gala yearly Event of the Chicago Associates of the Stratford Festival. This is the main fundraising event our group has in order to help subsidize a scholarship for a worthy actor to the prestigious Birmingham Conservatory. We have a silent auction of items and theatre goings for Chicago and Stratford. We also have a raffle of a trip to Hawaii that even includes $1000 toward airfare.

For the past several years, we have had our event in November as opposed to what it used to be, in the spring. We find this to work better since there are many items for use at the Stratford Festival and since ticket sales start right around this time, it works better for all.

We used to be at the Chicago Arts Club but found that Kendall College is overall a better fit. The parking is way better and the people are easier to work with. It even has a fabulous view of the downtown area.

Our entertainment included Donna Feore, from Stratford, an extremely creative and innovative choreographer and director of musicals. She was paired with Chris Jones, film and theatre critic of the Chicago Tribune. They were an amazing pair and although MK and I were not overly interested in the Rocky Horror Show that Donna is doing in Stratford, she totally changed our minds, now it is on the list as a must see.

The food was wonderful, a buffet medley of Canadian food that included a dessert that included maple syrup.

I hope that we reached our financial goals, but no matter what, this was a great time.

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