Another Hearth Day

Baby, it’s cold outside.

Walking Stewie was not the most pleasant as it was raining lightly along with the humid cold.

It is a fireplace kind of day, the second one of its kind this weekend.

I need to get a handle on the e-book I am reading, ‘Grant’ by Ron Chernow. I had read ‘Hamilton’ by the same author and loved it. With ‘Hamilton,’ however, I had the luxury of the huge paperback that I did not need to return. With ‘Grant,’ though, I have borrowed an e-book and I need to get on it. I have done twenty-five percent of the book and I have had it for about five days.

The embers are beautiful, the fire is crackling, and there is a pretty hefty log doing its job, going from being dry hardwood to a fire infused morsel of living room warmth and hearth drama.

Stewie and I really moved when we were outside, or at least I did. He is totally oblivious to the weather unless he is outside too long on a below zero day. He doesn’t mind the rain or mist and is perfectly happy to get down and dirty in the pursuit of canine play and squirrel chasing. I tested out my Under Armour ‘Storm’ sweatshirt by wearing the hood in the rain. It kept me dry and for that I am thankful. My jeans are still damp and that fire in the hearth is helping.

Here is to a day of reading a good book by the fire.

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  1. Joel says:

    I have an Under Armour “Storm” sweatshirt too and you’re right, it is surprising how warm and dry it keeps you. Georgia has had some 30 degree mornings, so having my Winter jackets, hats, and gloves sent to me from the WI lake house. Oh, how I miss Amelia Island! Stay warm!

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