I wouldn’t have believed it had you told me…

The expanded silicone microwave popcorn maker.

I was thinking about the things we have and was wondering if when I was a kid, I would have believed them possible. I remember talking in elementary school about the future. The big thing was that we would be walking on moving sidewalks. We do actually do that at airports, but that is about it.

Here are some things that I find hard to believe, when I really ponder the changes:

• Having a phone on my person pretty much all the time and one that I can use to research questions, find things, read, take photos, and pass time on games.
• Putting foods and liquid in a small rectangular appliance to warm them. Making popcorn in it and things like breakfast cereals.
• Having a watch that you don’t have to wind. I received a self-winding watch for high school graduation, but it did not use a battery.
• Using a machine to blow the leaves off the roof and my lawn instead of picking them out of the gutter and raking the lawn.
• Having a remote control to use on all sorts of things from the TV to a stereo system.
• Having an ‘app.’
• Using an app to turn on lights, appliances, and stereo systems.
• Turning on lights and music by talking to a cylindrical disc in the shape of a tuna can and even asking it what my schedule is. Hello, Alexa!
• Having lights that turn on when they sense motion.
• Pressing a button to lock my car doors and to open or close the windows.
• Using a button on a remote to open my car, and if I were so inclined, to turn it on.
• Living with air conditioning in my own home.
• Having a dishwasher.
• Traveling to Colorado, for example, and coming home at the end of the day.
• Having an ice dispenser on the refrigerator door and a water dispenser as well.
• Having an icemaker.
• Having a vacuum cleaner on each level of the house.
• Having a Shop Vac in my garage and even be able to use it to siphon up water.
• Being able to wheel my luggage through an airport and even swivel the luggage.
• Having to go through inspection to fly somewhere.
• Going to a drive-in ATM and doing financial transactions.
• Seeing mist turn on in a grocery store on the produce.
• Using a camera that has no film in it and produces pretty much instant pictures.
• Starting a fire in a fireplace using natural gas.
• Inflating all sorts of things with compressors that I own.
• Brushing my teeth with an electric toothbrush.
• Using an electric drill that is not attached to a cord and plugged in – using any electric tool (saw, sander, etc.) not attached to a plug.
• Being able to dim lights.
• Having a seatbelt (and shoulder restraint) in a car and be required to use it.
• Owning and actually using a kayak. I remember canoes and rowboats, but not kayaks.
• Having in-car accessories that didn’t slow down when the car was at an idle.
• Having a human being land on the moon. My mother always told me that it was not true, just staged.

Remember, I have been around for a while and these were things that I am talking about before the age of ten.

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