Sick again!

Grandparents are special people.

The grandkids have been out of sorts, in another words, they have been sick. Sick with the stuff that goes around in the winter months, we just started early. The antibiotics are finished for the youngest two, but one of them just came down with the local virus.

She came down with it today.

She had a bit of a fever although supposedly ninety-nine no longer counts as a fever.

She had other symptoms. Need I say more? No reason for TMI (Too Much Information).

We are thus getting up early and instead of preparing to deal with the kids at home; Mamie and Papi are going to them.

They will be more comfortable.

It is turning out to be a crazy week.

Friday, usually our day off, will be the beginning of the weekend with the two older grandkids. We should have a rip roaring good time with them. We haven’t set anything down yet as a major plan but I am hoping that we go to the River Trails Nature Center we went to with the two younger ones the other day. That will be fun especially since there are snakes and the oldest granddaughter now has a pet snake.

Let’s see how this plays out.

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