Random Thoughts on Thanksgiving and…

The view from the Balcony – Oakton Community College in Des Plaines.

We have so much to be thankful for, thus I am trying to put aside any negative thoughts about the status of the nation and the world and the horrible outbreaks of racism.

Wait, I allowed that to get the best of me. It could be that I think it is really important, that I fear for our welfare, and I have good reason to feel that way. I was scared with the election results and nothing has occurred to make me feel otherwise.

We have wonderful lives and a beautiful family. We get to see our kids and grandkids with great frequency and I hope and believe that we are a good part of their lives and not overbearing and opinionated in our dealings with them.

This is one of the few years that I shall not be cooking. I am particularly happy about that since I am under the weather, as they say, and I don’t feel 100%. My hands do not belong in food creation right now. We are all getting together, yes, all of us, under the roof of one of our son’s. Everyone is contributing and we are having our traditional Koerner ‘Stuffing Szucs’ as well as Laura’s mom’s more traditional American stuffing. I am looking forward to both.

I am not happy that our youngest grandchild has spiked a fever again. I am happy that our oldest is back on the mend. These poor kids need a break. We are bouncing from one virus to another and this is getting old, really fast.

I am sitting at Oakton for my Office Hour, having done an ESL Conversation Hour and will do a French Conversation Hour before heading to Wilmette to tutor. Then to home, help clean up the aftermath of grandkids being there, and hitting my book.

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