Changing out the china and…

Instead of putting back the French dishes after use yesterday, my plan is to change their location and bring out the Christmas dishes.

This is my gym day.

Instead of the gym, because I am really not gym ready, I will do the china exchange. I am trying to ‘lie low,’ but for me that is easier said than done.

The changing out of the dishes means that the interior of the china cabinet will be thus cleaned. I will have some glass here and there to clean and some dust to wipe out as well.

I am taking on a new part time job, subbing for a tutor at the Academic Assistance Center on the freshman campus of New Trier. I just spoke to them right now and as I feared, I am going to have to jump through some hoops to do so. The pay is ridiculously low, which doesn’t surprise me, but besides having to do the fingerprint thing with the police, I will also have to pay $50 to have a sub license and apparently there are a lot of steps to take in order to accomplish that. It truly makes me wonder if it is worth doing, especially given that I am ‘subbing for a few weeks here and there for the French tutor who is taking care of a Maternity leave situation somewhere else.

On one hand, it is surprising that my thirty years of work for the district don’t allow me to come back without having to do hoop jumping and pay $50 to earn $20 an hour. On the other hand, given the world we live in, I get it. It makes me wonder why I allowed my teaching certificate to lapse, but given what one has to do hoop-wise with that and also that they don’t make it easy and I was not planning on taking on any public high school jobs, I let it go.

Supposedly, I am starting on Friday, how I am going to get fingerprinted and take care of these issues before then is a bit daunting.

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