Everyone is coming out of the woodwork in the ‘Me Too’ era. Is this actually a good aspect of the current régime? People are finally able to come out and say that they have been harassed without feeling victimized by doing so. They guilty finally have to pay their due?

On the other hand, this can also be a ‘McCarthy moment’ a witch hunt kind of time where innocent people may be accused because of misperceptions, axes to grind, or just pure craziness.

There is always a fine line.

I am not one to condone sexual harassment, but I am just saying that allegations such as these need to be handled carefully.

What provoked these thoughts this morning is the firing of Matt Lauer. As MK and I thought, we have no special affinity for him. He was an okay kind of reporter, a man lucky to climb up the ladder of success. For whatever reason, I thought that he was a decent kind of guy.

This morning I found out that things were different.

In the past few months, numerous charges have been filed. Most of them are people far from my acquaintance, but unfortunately, one of them is someone that we know quite well. This is a frightening moment from many different standpoints.

I think of the innocents that were charged and whose lives were ruined in the McCarthy era. People were all sure that they were guilty of all kinds of things. There were even people who were put to death. All the more reason for us to tread carefully in this arena. Before you know it, the people who are charging will be charged themselves. Again, there are plenty of guilty people here, but I am betting there are some who are innocent.

The irony? The guy at the top. This is the original holder of all kinds of harassment woes and charges, he has even been caught on video saying all sorts of horrible things. And yet he sits on his throne and ‘rules’ and casts aspersions, and tweets his venom daily. When does he fall?

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