End of Semester and fire alarms

The fall semester is rapidly coming to a close. Speaking Exams are this week and the second exam of the semester is next week.

Oakton started out with a bang today as I set up in the balcony area over the cafeteria only to have to pack up and head out with a major blast from the past, a fire drill.

This fire drill was unlike anything I am used to and I have had fire drills on the Des Plaines campus before. First of all, there is a total feeling of ‘Really?’ as I sauntered out. I felt careless as I packed up my Technology to go outside and as if I was doing something wrong. Nonetheless, this feeling was not coming from those I departed with; they were pretty much unfazed by the happening. ‘Blasé’ seemed to be their modus operandi. Once outside, everyone clung to the walls of the building, something I remember from high school drills as being unacceptable. We were always forced to move far away, a better thought if there really were a fire, and frankly, you are supposed to act as it there is one.

Luckily, especially given the chill of the day, I had my winter wear on, something that did not always happen when I taught high school and since I was probably in the classroom, I did not have access to my coat.

The fire truck did arrive, and we were outside for a good ten minutes, or so it seemed and it makes me wonder if this were for some electronic malfunction as opposed to practice. I had heard that there was going to be a drill but I thought it was set for a day when I would not be there.

It is funny how something as mundane as a fire alarm drill would cause the mind to think of the past and how it happened. No longer am I a ‘warden’ and responsible for moving and shaking people into being safer.

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