I have been in the IEA (Illinois Education Association) for a long time, pretty much non-stop since 1976.

Yesterday, I went in to Oakton at 3:00 PM to vote on the recent new contract that was negotiated for Adjunct Faculty members.

I went to sign in only to find that my name was not on the roster. It was also not on the Fair Share Roster (which it should not have been). Fair Share is something that requires all Adjunct Faculty members to contribute to the coffers and support the Union as their bargaining unit. They don’t have to actually join, but that is a tiny amount to actually join the local union, somewhere around $10 or so. When I started at Oakton, I joined the Union right away.

I filled out a form with my vote, since I wasn’t on the list and it wasn’t until I sat down that I had any inkling as to what was going on. They were going to follow up on it and see if a mistake had been made. I realized that since I only had a few students, three this semester, that perhaps I was not included. Although I received an IEA card, I am guessing that I actually don’t belong since, at least not in such a way that I can vote.

I see that as a flaw in the system.

I remember when at the high school, when there were part-time employees, that there was a plan for them to be able to belong without having to pay the full amount. I am guessing that I am not the only Adjunct Faculty member with a lesser than normal load, so it makes me wonder why someone has not thought this out.

In talking to one of the people about to give information on our new contract, I said that I am more than willing to pay a lesser amount and still remain a part of the Union.

I think I need to follow up on this.

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