Tree oil and December Autumn

I look down the street and I still cannot believe it.

There are still leaves on some of the trees and they have actually changed colors and it is December. I don’t ever remember a December with falling leaves.

I removed the pond netting yesterday with the hope that most of the leaves have dropped. The netting cannot withstand the snow when it falls and thus I am being proactive.

Today we have two plays, one for the children, this morning, Snow White, and then one in the afternoon. I have a couple of tasks I want to fit in, cleaning off the bay window, as it was affected by Davey Tree and their spraying of our trees. I had said to the guy that I thought it was too windy and lo and behold, I was right. MK and I moved the cars to keep them from being sprayed and she got sprayed. Luckily, it was with an oil to counteract he aphids that attack our trees and not a pesticide. It is not cool, however, to be christened with tree oil on a December day. We are hoping that the oil will come out of the blouse she was wearing.

What surprised me was the reaction of Davey Tree when Mary Kay called them. They said they were sorry and yet proposed nothing else. I would think that they would at least propose a lesser fee for the costly spraying of our trees, but nothing. They admitted that I told them it was too windy and that they did not heed my warning.

So today I have to go out and clean my windows from the oily residue that Davey Tree deposited.

Thank goodness it is a beautiful, sunny December day that is going to reach into the 50s.

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