Jay, Laura, and Caroline

It has been an interesting day.

Today I talked to Jay.

Jay was and I am sure is an icon of a person at New Trier. At least he was when I was there. At the time, he was working in the Staff Dining area and in the student area as well. Jay is one of those wonderful young people with a perennial smile on his face and always with something nice to say. He was always a favorite with all of the staff members.

Jay was, and I am sure is, a very hard worker, cleaning things, doing things that needed to be done, and always there for everyone.

I have seen him before in the Deerfield area, at one of the pools from afar, and at the gym but I have never before had a chance to talk to him. Each and every encounter we have had has been while we were each in the middle of a workout and I usually at the rowing machine. That is, until today…

Today I walked in the Swim Locker Room to find him getting ready to leave. Although I had racked my sixty something brain to recall his name before, only today did it flow from my memory banks. We bantered for a moment and I explained who I was, realizing that my bearded persona may not be the one he remembered.

It was a day for student recall.

Today I received a CD from a very talented, former French student, who is now on the Faculty at the University of Alabama, and doing amazing things with the cello. Thus explains the arrival of a CD I just purchased from her, ‘Reimagining Bach,’ her first CD. I had noted the information on her on Facebook and went to Youtube to see more of what she has been up to. I am listening to her music as I write. It is, in short, amazing.

Okay, and it continues…

I received an e-mail from a former student asking me if I would be willing to be a proofreader for her Master’s project. Caroline is now a 3rd grade teacher in a private Catholic school in Chicago and working on her post-graduate degree.

A lovely day of good memories of wonderful New Trier acquaintances and former students.

La vie est bonne.

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