Excessively windy

It was thirty-seven degrees out and it felt as if it were twenty degrees colder. The wind did some damage and it certainly made it quite cold. The damage was some dead limbs down from the trees and the garbage can was totally turned over. Stewie reveled in the cold, enjoying it; he is in his element in this kind of weather.

The coffee is made (decaf and regular) and the Cream of Wheat (Farina) is made. I really enjoy making it in the microwave, it seems so much easier than on the stove, the only trick is to take it out every minute or so and stir it so it does not clump up.

The house is in pretty good order, the powder room pretty much done. I spent some time touching up things I felt could be better and I gave a new coat of white to the door framework as it needed cleaning up.

The window seat has the granite-look tiles on, the only thing missing is the grout and that is happening today. The new window treatments in the living room and dining room are coming tomorrow and I need to remove the old window treatments tonight.

The kids have arrived and we are set to go. We are having a long day as the other kids will be here later as well.

Around lunchtime, our other grandgirl came over. Then we put the littlest ones down for a nap, I did my touch up painting, and then had a coffee break. Then I have to go and pick up our other grandgirl as she departs the bus from school, bring her to our house, and then I leave for a tutoring session of a girl I have never tutored before.

Never a dull moment.

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