Early morning crankiness

Transitional times are hard on everyone, especially on the little ones as they change their routines to match the seasons and their situations. Our own children were lucky to be able to sleep in as they had a parent at home. Young people do not have the luxury of being able to do that with their kids.

It was in the twenties when Stewie and I took a walk and luckily, the wind had died down so that it didn’t really seem viciously cold.

The kids came over and despite the breakfast of fresh pancakes, orange, and sausage, they were not enamored of the idea of eating. They seemed tired from the get go and a lot of it had to do with not wanting to be snatched out of their warm beds and home to go somewhere else.

Given the cold and the lack of real desire to eat, it really seemed like the kids were tired, even that early in the morning. We were wondering how tough it was going to be to get to lunchtime and then if we were going to get any respite while they napped.

They went down for their naps early.

The littlest one slept for ninety minutes, the other slept for about three hours and she is close in age to dropping this nap. The youngest woke up and was literally screaming in my arms for ten or so minutes until he woke up and then started eating like there was no end. The rest of the day was pretty easy as they were both in a better mood and continued the non-stop feeding.

By 6:30 PM, we were all fed and MK and I settled down to getting back our house. It was a long day!

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