Wicked 2017!

‘Elphaba’ without her green face.


There are not a lot of plays I have seen multiple times, at least not three times. Wicked is one of them and this was the third time.

I must confess that the first time I really didn’t understand or really love it. Our seats were high up in a balcony and I should have done some homework. The second time sealed the deal.

The third time was perfection. I don’t know if it was just me, but I thought that this production was extraordinary. We were sitting way back on the main level, but the visual was excellent and unobstructed and the sound quality top notch. The acting, in my estimate, was wonderful; I didn’t see the need for improvement for any of the characters. The set was superb and worked beautifully for the performance. It just all came together. Apparently, Chris Jones, of the Trib, agrees.

The group was composed of Mary Kay, three daughters-in-law, Samantha, our oldest grandchild, and me. Needless to say, all were excited about this event and it went flawlessly from start to finish. We had purchased ParkWhiz or SpotHero, parked across the street from the Goodman Theatre, and walked around the corner to the Oriental Theatre.

I have to say that the best part of it all was after the play. Samantha loves theatre, has done some acting herself at the age of 8, and even recently played Miss Hannigan in Annie. She was very interested in going to the Stage Door and waiting to see the actors to get an autograph. We were lucky to have spoken to the Wizard of Oz (Tom McGowan), Elphaba (Mary Kate Morrissey), and Glinda (Ginna Claire Mason). These three theatre reps truly sealed the deal for me.

They were more than willing to take time to talk to a young person (and to me and Samantha’s mom), respond to questions, offer advice, and just be nice human beings. Ginna Claire Mason even took the time to say that her first time seeing Wicked was at the same theatre, she was 13, and she said she was going to play Glinda. She talked of the importance of getting a liberal arts college degree, of going to a school (like her alma mater of Elon) where one could avail oneself of things like Study Abroad, and spoke of her parents, one of whom was originally from Chicago (she is from Nashville). Her parents were there, looking proudly on, and more than patient. My heart was truly warmed by the congeniality of the actors who were more than willing to give of themselves, even after a heavy-duty performance.

This was a great day and event for the Koerner family.

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