Snow and ice!

It is seventeen degrees out, not what I deem to be the perfect dog-walking day.

Walking was complicated by two things, the ice and the lack of sidewalk cleaning. In some ways, it is better when the sidewalks are cleaned because when cleaned, the snow that is left often melts a bit before freezing, creating a slick surface.

I found myself walking on the lawns much of the time, which is safer than attempting to deal with the iciness of the sidewalks. The sidewalks by our house are difficult since they are so narrow and I am always happy, on garbage days, to hit the next block since their sidewalks are normal.

Stewie was unaffected by the walk, my hands, despite the leather gloves, were starting to feel the cold and I was glad to get back.

Taking the garbage and recycling out last night was annoying as the small amount of wet snow that had just fallen made it next to impossible to pull out the receptacles. I was quite surprised, as I was driving home, about the snow. It started snowing as I left my tutoring gig and got successively worse as I drove. By the time I got off the highway, we were traveling at about 40 mph. I was afraid to go faster. At the beginning, the snow was not sticking but very quickly that changed. I ended up pushing the thirty-three degree snow off of the driveway since I moved the cars and didn’t want to drive over the snow. I knew it was going to get colder and I visualized days and days of icy ridges formed all over the driveway making walking very difficult.

Luckily, during the night, no more snow fell. That, on top of the slightly wet, then frozen snow, would have been awful.

This is a good day for a book by the fire with a good book but that is not to happen.

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