On playing Santa

I was reminded the other day that there are other people wanting to play Santa for Oakton. Evelia told me of the guy who keeps asking her if he can do it. He tells her that he has a really great beard to put on. She keeps reminding him that she has someone who has the real thing, me.

Today is the day.

I am writing this from the kids’ home, waiting for everyone to get up so I can whisk them to our house in this sixteen-degree weather. It was very cold on our trip here and I am thinking of running out and warming up the car a bit more. I don’t know when, however, number two is getting up.

My hands and feet were freezing. I took Stewie for a short walk and then got in the car to come over. Murphy helped me out by sitting on my stocking feet, warming them a bit before I went upstairs to retrieve charge #1. We got him cleaned up and in fresh clothes and came down to play with the Brio train.

It is very quiet here.

Luckily, last night, I tried on my Santa outfit, figured out how to position the two little pillows, and found a bag to stuff it all into. I got some white acrylic paint for my eyebrows that are way too dark for the job. Right before lunch, I head to Oakton to prepare for the event, having lunch there and then setting off for the Casa Central, la Posada. I think I am ready, having been in beard training all year.

I need some coffee. I won’t get that until I go home with the kids. Wait, I think I hear feet upstairs. It may be happening sooner than I thought!

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