A dreary winter day

The day is dreary.

The ground has a light coat of moisture on it and the sky is gray. It is not super cold, in the forties, and it is humid. It is the kind of day that you want a fire in the fireplace and maybe a cup of tea and your book.

These are the last few days before the Christmas celebration and there are things to do. They are not overwhelming; we are pretty much always on task and not the most last minute people. We have cookies to bake and then, of course, the wrapping of gifts.

Today is supposed to be an inventory of what we have gift-wise for the holiday and we were supposed to have lunch with friends. The friends contacted us today to tell us that one of them is in bed with back issues, so that means rain check time for that outing. That is kind of good as perhaps we can make sure we have all of the ingredients for the cookie baking.

Last night we had a wonderful birthday/holiday celebration for Michael at the home of Diana’s parents. We were regaled with an amazing and immense buffet of Korean cuisine that truly tickled the palate in every way and it was followed by a set of Tiramisu based cakes from the Korean (with French influence) Pâtisserie, Tous les Jours. The entire family was invited, even cousins from Wheaton. It was truly a nice thing to do and we all left with gifts from the Kims. The grandkids had a great time, making the celebration a bit of a family circus, but a beautiful one at that.

I am feeling as if I would like to take it easy today, but I think that, at the very least, we need to assess where we are and how we are going to proceed.

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