A tent kind of day

Almost all of the stockings are hung. There is one more that is currently being finished by Mary Kay for our newest family arrival, Mikey’s wife, Diana. It is being lined. We will have twelve stockings to hang.

The stockings are beautiful. Most of them are hand made, put together by Mary Kay.

The day is dreary but not really. Not at all, actually, because all of the grandkids are at our house. Because of the day, we had them all a little later. Some of the grandkids were delivered by our daughter-in-law, Emily, since she started school later and our other daughter-in-law, Laura, had a lot of clients, so brought Samantha and her sister. Samantha had no school today.

It is a tent kind of day and I put it up and the kids commenced their play, setting up a little ‘campfire’ as well, to go along with it. They have been having a really good time with their lanterns and pillows inside the tent. That tent was one of the best online purchases I have made for about $20 or so. It has created so much fun time and it collapses into a very small bag.

Right now, I am having a mini-situation with the under two set. He is determined to go up the steps from our family room into the living room and our rule is ‘première marche’ or first step. He is only allowed to go up under our supervision. He knows pretty much what that means but he is always pushing the envelope, something that is good practice for the teenage years.

We ended up coming upstairs, after my trying to get him to say ‘s’il te plaît,’ and finally having him do it in sign language (helping him) to get the idea across, by my helping his hand on his chest. Almost two year olds are a bit stubborn, not unlike other ages.

It is quiet in the family room, although I can see it from my perch in the living room, I think I need to see first hand what is happening.

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