Cookie Day

I am not at my best when I have too much going on.

I was feeling a bit pressed because of the time constraints and the few days left for cookie baking. I had planned on getting up, setting to work, and baking two types of cookies. I had done a few preliminaries, getting the walnuts chopped and a few things located (food coloring and such).

I got up and ended up emptying the dishwasher and getting waylaid before doing the cookies. When I finally got to it, the oven seemed a bit hotter than normal and I had to be more careful with the cookies. Nonetheless, I think I over baked them all, but only by a tiny bit and they tasted delicious. The first cookies, Russian Tea Cakes, are a favorite. I have had many a taste of them in my time, but this recipe is the best, in my opinion

When I finished them, I readied myself to bake the Spritz cookies that I make with red and green food coloring. These cookies are made with Crisco and I soon realized that I had half in plain, unflavored Crisco and the other half in butter flavored Crisco. That was a no go since unflavored is the way we always do it and I wasn’t ready to risk family reactions by making a change. That is a price that continues to be paid for eons after the original mistake.

I decided to go to the gym and then head to Jewel for the stuff I needed and pick up the rest of the groceries.

I went to Jewel after the gym and the steam room (the best treat after a workout) and proceeded to pick things on my electronic grocery list. It turned out to be an almost $300 event, lol. I saw pretty much all the things on my list and more, things that we needed for Christmas.

I came home, put the stuff away, and made my cookies. Afterward, I sat down with a glass of wine and commenced my prep of my new phone, the iPhone X that had arrived that day. That ended up being way easier than I had expected.

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