Day after Christmas, birthday thoughts

Suitable for framing, made without parental prodding or help, a message of pure love…

Mary Kay asked me to sum up Christmas with one word. I answered relatively quickly with the word, ‘chaos.’ Her response to me was that my one word thought for the day was negative. I disagree. I think I have the right to play with the language, and in fact, the day was truly chaotic. I also think that there is such a thing as chaos within the framework of being a positive. That latter thought is exactly how I feel. It was chaos and it was wonderful.

We were twelve at dinner, pushing the limits of the size of our abode and the eating area. We ate standing rib, venison, and ham. It is just too bad that we didn’t have enough food. Woe be the day when a dinner at our home doesn’t have enough food, we will never hear the end of it.

With four grandchildren ranging in ages from eight to not even two, one has to expect that there is going to be a lot of chaos, but again, there is a good version of chaos. Add into that that the two littlest ones were not feeling great, although from their behavior yesterday, you might not even notice it.

There was a shortage of ‘meltdowns,’ something I find unusual for Christmas. The excitement and then the letdown of there being no more presents have to create in an immature human being, some strong emotions. We pretty much didn’t have any. There was the crying when someone fell, but that is normal. We managed to get through to close to eight o’clock, without huge drama.

One of the nicest moments was when the oldest expained that she had worked on Christmas and had something for each and every person, and she did. She blew us away with her emotional awareness and creativity. Her younger sister kept taking care of (along with her older sister) of her younger cousins, kissing the little prince and helping him have fun. She loves that and her littlest cousin adores her. The third one came dressed in her Christmas outfit of a princess (which I didn’t even get a picture of) and despite her runny nose, she was a total delight. Ask one of these kids for a ‘bise’ (kiss) and one readily gets it along with a tight little person hug. The youngest was so much fun, poor guy, ear tubes and yet an ear infection and when he saw the Brio (wooden toys) being had by others, didn’t at first realize to look at the gift we were trying to show him. He finally picked it up and the light went on!

We realized when our daughter-in-law was giving the ‘wrong’ special thermos for drink to our youngest (she wasn’t aware of our coding), that we are in fact teaching them. Each grandkid has a special thermos and it is color-coded and with their names in Calligraphy. They are learning to recognize colors and an intricate alphabet.

So when I say chaotic, that is what I mean. Who can argue with the electronic hubbub we had. They all ate well, our princess being the least capable of it, but coming back for some delicious deep dish pizza I had from the other day.

…and then there is the gift our kids got us, tickets to see Carol Burnett, a favorite of ours…we are blown away!

It may be hovering around zero right now on my birthday morn, but I am warmed by all of this.

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