Count your blessings!

Side Two of the card.

Side One of the Card.

On Christmas day, our eight-year-old granddaughter walked in the house, quite proud of herself. She had made some small purchases and created other gifts with her own hands. This was her idea and she had help from her parents. Our gift was handed to us, a beautiful, eight-year old made, two sided, hand printed card. I have printed it as she wrote it.

Side One: “TO: My Beloved Grandparents. FROM: Samy

Side Two: “What am I? I am old But Gentle, I don’t like Men, but I let kids lye down on me, & Samantha only knew me for 3 1/2 years. What am I?”

The story is a family legend of sorts, our previous Border collie, Denali, better known as Ali. She was a brilliant dog, a beautiful specimen, and a champion frisbee player. She was also known for her family protectiveness and her being there for her family, but not necessarily very willing to allow others easily in. To vary from Samantha’s memory, but frankly I cannot believe she remembers as much as she does, Ali really had an issue with women more than men. She also, previous to Samantha’s arrival, had great disdain and little use for children.

One time, Samantha, as a very young child, had approached Ali and Ali beared her teeth and either nipped or attempted to nip her. Christian saw that and flew into a fury and dragged Ali down to the floor and made it known to her in no uncertain terms that Samantha was not to be toyed with like that. Ali learned right away and never forgot that and Samantha truly entered the ‘herd’ on that day.

After that, although it may not have been Ali’s favorite thing to put up with children, she did it well.

Count your blessings, they show up every day, in different forms, you just have to open your eyes to see them.

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