Friday Night Sleepover

We had a surprise sleepover on Friday night. The youngest grandchild came over, our grandson, and we made a night of it.

Through a change in plans, it worked out that our house was the best place for him because of the snow in the air and a daddy who needed to be out there salting and plowing.

He did wake up in the middle of the night, MK tried to rock him back to sleep and he was having none of it. He does have an ear infection in spite of the tubes he has, but at least he does not necessitate antibiotics. Overall, it does not really affect the way he plays or is having fun. His nose is running, but what else is new for a toddler in the winter, right?

Once we got him down for the night, we were good.

Meanwhile, MK and I are furiously working at denuding our family room before the arrival of the new furniture. I think I have sealed the deal on a donation of our couch, love seat, and two tables and then I saw something on the NextDoor, neighborhood site, with a request for a recliner. The lady who made the request has no money and is in a nursing home situation. Her scoliosis and other back issues have put her in intense pain and she finds that a recliner helps out a lot. We are hoping that our recliner meets her need.

It is under ten degrees on Saturday morning and we are playing with Henry. Our house is a disaster at every corner, toys everywhere with our youngest grandchild and our master bathroom torn apart.

What else is new?

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