This is a below zero day in the northern suburbs.

We have had colder before. This is nothing new for the Chicago area. Two of our children were born in weather that was so cold and so below zero that they were not allowed to leave the hospital at the normal time.

Stewie is in the back yard and I am wondering how long he will last out there. He will decidedly choose to bark when he has had enough. It won’t be long.

It is supposed to actually get into the double digits today.

It is sunny and with a crisp, and I underline crisp, blue sky. To look at it, you would want to go out there. We know better and will go out there if and when we have to but very carefully. This is not the kind of weather that you want to spend an inordinately long time in.

To warm myself up, I will mention several movies we have seen in the past few days.

We saw ‘The Shape of Water,’ a surprise of a good movie, not our usual genre, a bit more science fiction than MK likes and with a touch of Spanish fantasy, but an extremely well done movie taking place in the sixties and featuring a humanlike creature that is being tested. There is a little touch of the Cold War with a Russian involvement. A female, mute janitor, pretty much takes him under her wing and the movie unfolds. I am going to leave it at that.

The ‘Darkest Hour’ was an amazing movie of the story of Winston Churchill and the Dunkirk debacle. It shows a Churchill brought to power but not well-loved and needing to prove himself. He did. It was a great movie.

‘Lady Bird’ was the story of a young woman coming of age and played by the amazing Saorise Ronan. Greta Gerwig directed and it was extremely well done and entertaining. It along with the previous two are must sees.

Time for coffee, I am well too cold as I sit near the cold hearth, maybe I should make a fire!

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