Six little North Woods Santas that I painted years ago. I found them when I was reorganizing our Christmas decorations. I decided that each grandchild should have one as a keepsake.

The pockmarked walls of the bedroom that suffered humidifier damage.

My main goal of the day was the removal of the Christmas tree and most of the Christmas decorations. I got to that pretty early, pulling the boxes out of the crawlspace, and little by little removing the ornaments from the tree and carefully putting them into the boxes. I was determined, as well, to reorganize the decorations and cull from them the things we were not using.

Luckily, I spoke to our youngest son and he wanted us to save him decorations. I thus put them aside, into a container and put that back in the crawlspace, as he cannot currently store them.

The way I got hijacked was that our master bathroom is pretty much almost done, although we are still waiting on the new sliding shower door. The floor is completely done, the vanity is in, and the medicine cabinet and lighting are renewed. The painting is pretty much done as well.

Ray then headed into the former master bedroom, which is one of the rooms used for the grandkids. This room is going to get a total redo. The walls have some blistering paint, something I couldn’t understand. MK explained to me that one time, we had forgotten the humidifier and left it running too long in that room. There were a whole bunch of spots where the paint had blistered and on the ceiling it looked as if there had been water leakage. Ray went to town on the walls and ceiling. He is a master with the ‘mud’ that is used to fill in holes and to smooth rough patches between pieces of wallboard. When he is done painting, he is going to remove the carpet and refinish the floor.

The hijacking was that I was involved in removing everything. I even managed to pull down the double size mattress and box spring and put them on the lawn by the street and just managed to get the garbage to take it. The two smaller bedrooms are now bursting at the seams with all of the overflow, but I am sure that by next week we shall have a working master bathroom and a most probably redone bedroom.

To end my day, I was in my car ready to go to tutor and luckily looked at my text messages to find that my tutee had just texted me and canceled our session…Costco ended up being next on the list.

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