I need a vacation!

It has occurred to me that I need a vacation.

The past few days of having work done in the house have pointed out to me that I would like some downtime. Funny how having work done means that you have more work. Isn’t there something wrong with that?

This morning, I opened up the doors to the house at 7:30 AM to greet a bunch of burly guys from the Deerfield Park District as they came to pick up a couch, a love seat, a corner table, and a coffee table. This furniture still looks good, made of southern pine, but is surprisingly heavy.

They came in, quickly picked up the furniture, and were out the door. In the wake of the removal of the furniture, there were little bits and parts of toys, some dust, a lost book, and the like. When I went to clean up the area with the vacuum cleaner, the belt on the vacuum bit the dust, a victim of much thread rolled around the roller, causing it to finally stop, which I was not aware of, and then melting the belt.

I had to locate the other vacuum and remove the few things left in the room. Right now, there is our Tolix table, two chairs, and some stereo cables. I am now waiting for the carpet cleaners. The house is in a weird state: the office is overloaded with overflow from the room that is being redone, as is the other extra bedroom. There is a beautiful secretary, if I can call it that, which is sitting out in the hallway. The Laundry room is overloaded as well. Once the work is done, then we have to put things back to as normal as possible.

Meanwhile, waiting for the carpet cleaners. Tomorrow, we will have a new sectional delivered.

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