The Cold Snap

The current look of the land…

Apparently we are in a period of cold, the severe temperatures have lasted for days, and it looks like we are tying with a previous record.

Funny how we have the cold and yet it is almost mid-January and we have had little snow in the Deerfield area.

Our home rehabbing marathon is heading into the slowing down range. There are still things to do: the shower door replacement, the painting of the walls in the area of the staircase, the finishing up of the bedroom, the redo of the floor in that bedroom, and such. Nonetheless, it is slowing down and a good thing for that since we are about to start having the little ones again two days a week. That stopped for a few weeks, as their mom is a teacher and was home for winter break.

I still haven’t gotten back to walking Stewie in the morning, it is just too cold and he needs the autonomy of being able to run, not just slowly walk, in the frigid weather. The way it is, I can allow him to go in the back yard and he will tell me when he needs to come in.

The snow that was threatened for this morning has not happened. That seems to be pretty much the way it has been for several years now, we get threatened and then often the predicted weather does not come to pass.

The coffee is in the French Press and waiting for a moment. I am looking forward to it, mainly from the standpoint of having something warm to hold in my hands and then drink.

Our family room change, the first major change in that room since we bought This End Up furniture, has been a huge success and we are very happy with the look and comfort of the new furniture.

Today it is a question of how to relax and how to stay warm.

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