The promised snow was not delivered and there is a light coating of ice on the land. The car has it as well. Last night’s view of the meteorological event showed snow along with this ice in the southern suburbs of Chicago, creating a horrible mess of a slippery situation.

We are one car down as yesterday my car decided to display a check engine light and it is scheduled to go in tomorrow to be analyzed.

We continue working on our house as it is being redone in spots and we are picking up on touchup and cleanup as well as dealing with all sorts of things that are now displaced and causing traffic jams in other parts of the upper house.

All in all, spring cleaning will probably not happen as it is just happening early!

I have continued with my mixture of Dawn and vinegar to remove the stain from the shower basin and it is pretty much completely gone. I used the same mixture in the main bathroom where we have a faucet that makes me think of a farmhouse, not having an aerator, but just a flow out of the water. The latter has collected mineral deposits and does so with alarming frequency. Two cotton balls soaked in the Dawn and vinegar pretty much cleared out the deposits overnight. This is another win/win situation for my Pinterest/YouTube concoction.

Today there was a replacement of a medicine cabinet door and that is about it. The painting in the bedroom is on standstill today and will not happen tomorrow since the grandkids will be here. The walls pretty much need one more coat of paint, the closet needs painting, and then on the weekend, the floors are being sanded and refinished. Thankfully, we have quality, oak floors underneath.

Tomorrow, one of our grandkids will be displaced for her nap, due to the changes in ‘her bedroom.’

I am planning to go and purchase the paint (that matches the bedroom just painted) in a denim blue (since we are almost out of it) to paint the staircase walls. We will thus have a visual color flow from the upper walls of the lower level family room, up the steps, and going into the bedroom. The color is a lighter shade of blue with a good amount of gray, and very soothing.

I am off to work, there is no rest for the wicked. Meanwhile, although I am prepping for the spring semester at Oakton, my online shell is non-existent, as of yet, and I have put in e-mails to determine what’s up. Luckily, everything else is up to date.

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