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The other day, my ‘check engine’ light went on. I hate stuff like that. I dislike when a light goes on and there is uncertainty as to what the problem actually is. It could be nothing; it could just be that the sensor went off. It could be some simple little, easily fixed problem. On the other hand, it could be monumental. In my past, monumental was usually where it was at.

So last night, as we were on our way to the movies, we dropped my car off so that they could look at the ‘check engine light’ today. MK accidentally went to the wrong place to pick me up, so we ended up not going to the movies after all.

Today she has to take her car in to be checked. That’s how it goes, you have two cars available and then there are none.

It is a late day for the arrival of the kids and it is somewhat disconcerting. We usually have to get up for them around six or so and today it was closer to seven.

It is cold outside but not super cold and it is humid. I was concerned as I walked down the driveway, as it could be far more slippery than it looks.

When the kids went down for a nap, I put another coat of paint on the walls that I had started the day before, those of the staircase.

We had the kids, ended up with three of them; I went to one of my son’s homes so that someone would be there when our oldest grandchild got home from school. Then I went south to Wilmette for tutoring.

Another day on the North Shore.

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