Music and More – Randy Casey

View A through our kitchen storm door.

View B through our kitchen storm door.

Randy Casey being tutored in German by Mary Kay.

People are most interesting.

People come in and out of our lives. Often it is serendipitous and seems without reason; other times it is serendipitous and seems to have a reason and a purpose.

Randy Casey is one of the latter; he was meant to be in our lives, that is clear. He has brought a great richness to it, one that we never expected, an icing on a cake that we love but I certainly do not know enough about, music.

I first met Randy at New Trier High School where he was the accompanist, playing piano with the students and whenever needed: for concerts, plays, and the like. Everyone knew him. Hearing Randy play was hearing perfection. Randy might disagree with me, but to me, that is always what it was, shear perfection.

For years Randy and I would pass in the halls, stop for a moment, and talk about this or that.

Then Randy ended up at Lake Forest High School and connected with Mary Kay. Let’s think about it, what is the likelihood of that happening with all of the high schools in the area?

In any case, Randy has invited us, more than once, to come to the Church where he is the Director of Music. He introduced us to Francis Poulenc, whose name I had heard, but whose music was not something we easily recognized. Frankly, I couldn’t even pronounce his name, having to look it up, a French name that defies pronunciation. The new composer, like Randy, has enriched our lives to the nth degree.

Randy recently asked me for some advice about blogging and we worked on the Technological aspect of it. He has started blogging, the title is ‘Music and More,’ and Randy is doing something similar to what I am doing, taking things he has encountered in life, experiences, knowledge acquired, anecdotes, stories, and sharing them.

Randy is a font of knowledge in music and in so many more areas. He recounts the stories in such a way that you cannot help but relate and enjoy.

Check it out, you will not be disappointed.

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