It actually snowed!

I am inside the house to warm my hands and see if I can stop myself before I get too sweaty. I had been outside in the sixteen-degree weather, pushing snow around my driveway. I needed better gloves or mittens than I had so my hands got cold. I was on the edge of sweating. Rather than stick it out, I came in for a moment and plan to go out shortly.

MK’s phone is ringing off the hook as people connect with the idea that we have seemingly had more than two inches of snow and they want removal. Although it seems to be more snow in some places than others, the one place I did try on the driveway had exactly two inches. I had more in the front yard than in the back, I think that the fencing managed to keep some of it at bay.

It is very cold, and seems way more than the sixteen degrees I registered.

It certainly seems a bit more like winter now.

My question is, and perhaps I should check with the meteorologists, whether or not we shall be getting more.

Stewie was totally annoying outside. He wants me to throw the snow at him. I don’t like to since he gets too close to the shovel and I am afraid he is going to connect his handsome face with the tip of it. That would not be a good scenario.

I am warmer now.

I am warm enough to don my jacket and huge winter mittens to brave the back part of the driveway.

Stewie won’t be happy since he is staying in the house.

Stewie, however, will have more than enough outdoor time since it is hard for him to get dirty as the mud is frozen.

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