Another day not going to the gym

It has been annoying to me that I have not been to the gym in days. Somehow, things conspire to keep me from going. This is all even within the framework that I am not teaching this semester. You would think I would have more time.

The last little information is still on my mind. I totally understand the contract that says that my course must go to the full-time professor if he/she is lacking for classes but I do not understand the fact that the online class I prepared would be given to the full-time professor. Once I was given the information that I was no longer teaching the class, I went online to remove my work. I succeeded in removing one element and then the site was closed to me, already passed on to my colleague. I went into crisis mode calling different people and was able to finally get assurance that my coursework was erased. My surprise here, and this is the second time it has happened to me, is that I guess it happens all the time and that the part-timer assumes that the slate will be blank when given to the professor. That is apparently not standard procedure. I wonder how many part-timers have had intellectual property pilfered.

In any case, I rambled off topic. Yesterday, we went to IKEA to work on new pillow covers for the family room that actually match the decor and bedding for the new queen-size bed that will be in the refurbished bedroom. We lucked out, found it all, came home, and I pulled out the hammered bronze paint and painted the HVAC vent in the room. Its size is pretty much one that cannot be replaced, it can only be repainted, refurbished, or the vent space has to be ‘downsized.’ I have toyed with this issue for years and gave in and painted it to match the outlet covers and switchplates we have in dark bronze. I also painted the huge old square vent we have on the staircase and the door chime screen.

In the evening, we watched a new to the U.S. French crime drama, ‘L’Accident’ and a new movie with Jane Fonda and Robert Redford. The latter, ‘Our Souls at Night,’ a 2017 movie was really wonderful and it was wonderful to see those two back together again.

Another busy day…

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