The Arts vs. a governmental bully

I don’t know how many people realize how much resistance is going on in the Theatre Community.

It seems to me that the Arts, Movies, Plays, and Social Media are at war, whether we admit it or not. Everywhere we turn, there is someone and something ‘resisting.’ I only wish that the resistance were yielding more progress in dealing with a régime that is not interested whatsoever in appealing to the voiced needs of the people. The falsehoods and the lies are also overwhelming.

On Friday evening, we went to see ‘Ragtime’ at the Marriott Theatre. I remember reading the book by E.L. Doctorow, way back when, and loving it. It was interesting how the author took history, did some fictionalizing, and managed to pull in all sorts of celebrities and activists and give the audience a quick history lesson.

Once again, so much like the movies we have seen of late, the play managed to ring with criticism of the powerholders and their policies and lies. It showed the lack of proper treatment of our citizens, from the immigrants, to members of the Jewish community, and to the long-standing inhabitants of color, long mistreated and a long way off from finding true freedom despite laws that seem to guarantee it.

It was hard hearing the ‘N’ word used during the play. It hurt to hear it and hurt to think that this was and IS a part of our history, civilization, and if you can call it that, our culture.

The play was long, sometimes dragging a bit, but the music, the voices, the talent, and the choreography in a small venue were breathtaking.

Despite some dozing at the beginning, which was probably more my fault than that of the play, I found the information refreshing, the play entertaining, the history review reminding, and the music fabulous.

The voices…from the main characters to the lesser characters, they resonated with beauty and passion and often brought tears to the eye.

The Main Cast:

Father: Adam Monley
Mother: Kathy Voytko
Mother’s younger brother: Will Mobley
Grandfather: Terry Hamilton
Coalhouse Walker, Jr.: Nathaniel Stampley
Sarah: Katherine Thomas
The Little Boy: Patrick Scott McDermott
Booker T. Washington: Jonathan Butler-Duplessis
Tateh: Benjamin Magnuson
Harry Houdini: Alexander Aguilar
Emma Goldman: Christina Hall

The play goes until March 14th and is worth seeing.

I keep hoping that all of the resistance put together will soon end the nightmare we have been experiencing.

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