There are certain things that are automatically intimidating. Some of them are things that we just don’t even talk about. The funny thing about them is that I find that they make us feel awkward and without any particular reason for doing so. They are found in every day life and no matter what we do, they continue to make us feel odd at certain times.

This morning, we had a whirlwind morning of having two little ones under three in the house. It took until almost ten to get the older of the two down for the night. Although she ‘bought in’ to the sleepover idea and even loved it, once in bed, the reality of not being with her parents and being away from home and her routines finally set in.

We had her safely ensconced on the bed with huge pillows around her (on a queen size bed) and with all of the three-year-old necessities. Nonetheless, we had to spend a few moments with her from eight o’clock on to make sure she was still okay and I finally ended up beside her until she fell good enough to nod off.

We got up this morning, got them going, and took them to the babysitter. We decided to go to Leonidas for a good coffee and something to eat. I went into the bathroom and…

The faucet…it firmly came to me that the modern sensor faucet has and will continue to be a source of strangely awkward moments. I don’t know what it is, but I never seem to know where to put my hands to make the sensor go off. Usually, I get it going and then it stops. The second search out of that sensor seems to be an exercise in futility as I awkwardly search in the air for it. For some reason, it makes me feel less than adequate, like I have missed a major clue.

Am I the only one like this? Is it possible that there are others who have experienced this and have not talked about it?

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