On painting walls

When it comes to wall painting, I am not the fastest. My father-in-law would point that out to me all the time. He didn’t understand, since he didn’t have the attention to painting detail I have. There are few, however, who are as neat as I am when I paint. I have done a good amount of painting lately, despite the fact that we have even employed someone to paint for us. I have touched up his work more than once, as I worked on my own.

I have an eye for detail.

I also have a straight edge when I paint. When I paint between ceiling and wall, I get either a straight line or the appearance of one by the careful flow of my brush.

When I paint, I have a supply of all kinds of brushes from the wonderful nylon ones (for latex paint, of course) to my tiny paintbrushes that are used for painting canvasses.

When I am in a pickle, when I can no longer manage to get into a corner, I pull out my tiny brush and carefully finish the job.

When touching up after a long time and the risk of paint fade is high, I will dab on the paint and take a Kleenex or piece of paper towel, bunch it up, and dab at it to spread the paint out and help avoid it standing out.

I am embarrassed to say that when I did my recent painting on the walls going up the steps, I didn’t even have a drop cloth. I do not use painting tape because it takes so long to put up and because it actually makes for a sloppier job than my steady hand does.

Painting is in my background. Money was not available for painting when I was a kid. We had to do it ourselves. The only time my mom had someone else do it was when a family friend offered, knowing she was not able to pay for it. I thus learned to paint very early on. My sister and I would paint and I remember painting for her after she got married. Until very recently, I had never had anyone paint for me.

There is nothing better than a fresh coat of paint to make walls look like new.

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