Do I have a fever?

The one on the right is the newest one and is hovering between 102 and 103. The others are hovering around 100 and 101, which I believe.

It used to be that we could tell whether or not we have a fever. Mary Kay would check (and I still think she is more accurate than some of the new devices out there) and say yes or no.

We got a new ‘thermometer’ since we have the kids and since they are not used to taking their temperature the way we did for our children. We had the really old fashioned ones in the beginning and then the battery operated ones later on.

They were relatively reliable.

The new one we purchased, which seemed reliable, was all over the map yesterday and truly not to be believed.

I resorted to the old battery ones, having found them in several places in the house. As it turns out, they seem more reliable than this new one, I only wish it had shown its unreliability when we had just gotten it.

Sunday was a lost day, lost to the flu and the fun and games that it provides. I am glad that I had the flu shot because it appears that despite the lost day, I could have had it a lot worse.

Our daughter-in-law just relapsed and her mother got it as well. That makes it hard to take care of the kids so today our son is on his own with the kids.

I was able to take a shower, having enough strength to do so and I think that my fever is gone but I have not yet checked.

I am not going in to Oakton and not tutoring today, I need to rest up and get my strength back.

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