Cream of Wheat and thoughts on organization

A little hard to see, but the large metal spoon is in the bowl and leaning on the interior of the spout. There is a soup bowl on top. The soup bowl serves as a spoon rest while I am preparing the breakfast.

The containers with lids.

I woke up ‘sans fièvre,’ which was a special treat. Even after a few sips of coffee, the hated thermometer pointed out that I was still ‘cool headed.’ After over four days of a low-grade situation, it seems as though I am on the mend. I cannot help but think that the flu shot I had prevented me from an even worse situation. Nonetheless, I am down 6 lbs. from before the onset.

I feel way better and now it is just a question of how to stop myself from overdoing it.

I decided to make some Cream of Wheat (which we usually call ‘Farina’) and in doing so realized that so much of what I do comes with some sort of organizational edge.

I took my ‘Pyrex’ bowl, a large metal spoon, and one of our soup bowls. I hate mess and do my best to avoid it when I can. I place the soup bowl on the counter and place the spoon in it as I am making the Cream of Wheat in the microwave. I remove the Pyrex every few minutes to stir it; otherwise it will clump. When it is done, I put the spoon in the Cream of wheat, leaning it on the pouring spout and put the bowl on top. It stays warm and can simply be transported to the table. There is little mess and a lot of convenience.

As I was cleaning up the kitchen, mentally limiting what I was going to do, I noticed the containers we have for food storage. Despite my efforts, we invariably have the same situation with food storage containers as one often has with socks, disappearance. I try to fight this by putting the washed and dried containers together so that when we are looking for a container, we find the whole thing ready to use.

Organization and the ability to find what one needs is always on my mental docket.

I must really be feeling better; I just need to stop myself from overdoing it.

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