Nail Polish

One of my best ever purchases was some black nail polish.

One might wonder if I am a bit Goth and maybe even weirder than I actually am in regards to this purchase.

I think I made it over five years ago and the nail polish is still actually good. To be honest, I don’t even remember why I bought it in the first place.

Every so often, when I am ‘touching up’ something I have, I use acrylic paints from a paint set that I have, or of course select from the large selections of cans I have for the various walls painted in the house. Every once in a while I have need for glossy, enamel black. A case in point is the black mailbox we have. It is a great mailbox, but somehow the black, in a few spots, got chipped. The black nail polish comes in handy to touch it up and help keep it from more possible damage. I touched it up a few years ago and have not needed to retouch it since.

Over the years, this nail polish that I keep in the medicine cabinet, has come in handier than I ever would have guessed. Each time, of late, when I go to use it, I keep thinking that it might be all dried up. It is not.

I just pulled it out again because several of the most used keys on my laptop have the black worn off and although I now have a skin protecting the keyboard and making them look newer, the light was showing through. I ordered a new skin in black and since I darkened the keys, my new ‘skin’ will make the keyboard look like new.

There is no end to my eccentricities. Language teachers are like that!

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