Snow and more snow

The snowpile behind the house. We have had over twelve inches, from the looks of it.

Of course the major snowfall coincides with the flu. That kind of makes it harder to keep up with. Our son’s snow removal has removed the snow from the front but we still have to get the cars out of the back and through the snow we have there. That means that we have to remove it first.

At this point, it is the old problem of ‘where does one even put the snow?’ In order to clear it, one has to find a location to put it. At this point, the spots utilized are piled so high that it is almost impossible to get the snow up on top. Add into that, I was not the one selecting locations, since I was virally prevented from shoveling, so some of my prime locations in times like this do not even exist.

For example, I always save a spot between the garage and the fence. That spot is empty but the area adjacent to it is so high I cannot get at it.

The biggest issue I found is that my hands are freezing. Within minutes, my fingertips were feeling the pain of the less than twenty-degree temperatures. That is a less than pleasant feeling.

I slept well, as I have been for the last few days, usually only waking up once toward the early morning. My only issue last night was that I woke up several hours after going to bed and awakened to sweats and needing to change my clothing. I am hoping that that is the last of those moments in this virus.

This has been some snowfall. We had been lulled into believing that the snowfalls were going to continually avoid us and go elsewhere. This time, it was real.

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