Dogplay is a funny thing. I especially enjoy it when it is outside where the risk to personal possessions is lessened. With a new dog in the family, it is more likely that we shall be getting the canines together and Lucky is the new puppy on the block. Add into the mix that he has crate anxiety and that means that it is harder to leave him alone, not that you want to, but sometimes you just need to. The end result is that we have grandpuppy visits.

Which is why Lucky is at our house.

I just got home from the gym after being at Conversation Hour on the Des Plaines Campus. The dogs apparently had settled down but when I came home, I guess the fun started all over again. I was making tea when the two of them somehow got into something where they needed to be separated. I went down to the family room, spoke with Alpha power, and they stopped their canine shenanigans. The only loss was a couple of leaves from my Chinese Evergreen in the corner. I also noticed that Lucky’s little flashing light attached to his collar is hanging by a thread.

The good part of all this is that the two dogs seemed to have shot their energy wad and now they are willing to sit down.

The biggest issue for Lucky seems to be his love for a leather rug we have on the family room carpet. We have to break him of that! He needs to be appropriate if he is to be here. He is a puppy, so we have to be understanding and stern at the same time.

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