Après la grippe – After the flu

Icicles at the Grove the other day…

There are days that arrive and the energy level just isn’t there.

I am finding that although I recovered from the flu, that it is not leaving me easily. I am exaggerating a bit, but the past few days have been nap days and days where I am not totally myself.

I have to give in to the fatigue. I don’t want to relapse as I know several of my family members have. I am actually taking it somewhat easy.

The weather is cold and still heavy with snow although the rumor is that it will soon be melting.

Yesterday we had the kids and I tutored in the evening. I also helped our friend Randy out with some French songs for a choir he is working. In the early evening, we Skyped so that the ladies could could master the French pronunciation of some songs they are working on.

After that, MK and I watched some Scottish TV programming, a show called ‘Doctor Finlay,’ about a Scottish doctor after WWII in a small town not real far from Glasgow. It is from the 90s and despite that fact; we are finding it quite entertaining. One of the discussions in the show is whether or not to go to National Healthcare, with all of the pros and cons. We are hearing the same arguments that occur during discussions of American Healthcare.

I wish I could say that I did no dozing last night, but I wouldn’t be truthful if I did. Despite taking a midday nap, I was still dozing, the flu still having wreaked havoc with me.

I will try to take it easier today, although I am going to Oakton for two conversation hours and if I am up to it, I shall have a short time at the gym.

You have to get back on track, after all…

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