Sometimes naps are seamless. If you are a member of the Koerner family and under the age of four, a nap is often something that is fought as if it were a major war that one could not afford to lose. Often, we are allowed to believe that the child is going to always take a nice nap and easily fall right into a beautiful slumber land.

That did not happen today.

I remember when our boys were younger. Sleep time, whether in the afternoon or at night, was always a time of uncertainty. We never knew how it was going to go. We would talk to our friends and they would always say that their kids slept all night and went down for a nap without even a sound.

This is not our experience and certainly not with the grandkids.

The way it has been for some time is that said person about to take a nap gets several books and perhaps even a nice lullaby, which in my case is in French, and then sweetly lies down in the Pack and Play.

Again, that didn’t happen today.

Of late, the young charge has started out by protesting as we go up the steps. Then during the diaper change, a kind of placid, almost Zen state sets in. We read the books after getting into a warmer jumper and then I put him down. After an initial lie down, where it looks like sleep is imminent, he usually then protests. He stands up, yells a bit, sometimes starts taking the few stuffed animals he has and throws across the room. Sometimes he starts removing the floor of the Pack and Play.

For the past few weeks, MK has gone up, settled him down, and patted him a bit and then he finally falls asleep. Today, I think she went in twice. Again, this is something new.

I am thankful for the new cameras I bought that connects to an app, thus allowing us to see our charges on the iPad or on the iPhone. Right now, our youngest’s sister has stopped the afternoon nap, since she was going to bed way too late at night, and so our little break is something of the past.

The irony of all this is that we, as adults, are desirous of time for this nap and cannot access it. I remember so well being a kid and hating going to bed and detesting naps. I also remember telling my frustrated parents that my sister Carol ‘’had robbed me of my sleep.’’ That started the sibling rivalry quite well.

Damn, I would really like a nap right now!

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