The Emperor’s New Clothes

Today was a Marriott Day for the grandgirls. We went to their special performance of ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes,’ which was particularly exciting since that tale is a favorite of the middle two grandkids. We were concerned that it might be made more politically correct or maybe I should say, “appropriate,” and luckily they did not. Sometimes, we go to far with this.

We have seen quite a few of the plays for kids and this is, perhaps, the best one that we have seen thus far. What we like is that this is the first opportunity for the kids to see a play because it is doable for them.

I think it is a great community service. It is interesting, because the set of the theatre is made up so that it can accommodate both the current children’s show as well as he regular adult performance, which in this case is the musical, ‘Ragtime.’

The other thing is that it is an hour in length, actually a bit shorter, and leaves time for question and answers so that the kids have a better understanding of how theatre works and how valuable each and every person is in terms of the performance. Each and every person and job is introduced, even down to the ushers. We strongly feel that the ‘Arts’ are a definite plus in terms of a person’s life and that exposure of this sort is nothing but a wonderful thing. The children look forward to the day and performance and these days have never been a disappointment.

Anyway, this play did not disappoint. They were nice messages that I found refreshing, like the mention that the new Emperor loved to read and ‘Beowulf’ was a favorite. There was also the message that people need to be respectful of one another and to listen to them. The guy who was the official floor scrubber was fired from his job at the end of this play and promoted to a job in which his talent for being truthful and direct was utilized. He was newly employed to help the Emperor avoid a situation where he ended up wearing nothing over his underwear just because of the scam that his new clothing was only invisible to liars and undesirable human beings.


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