Three Generations at the Shedd Aquarium

Our Thursday with the grandkids turned out to be a trip to the Shedd Aquarium. It had been a while for Mary Kay and me. The kids were feeling the locked up situation of a bit too much winter. It is hard going outside when the yard is muddy or it is way too cold.

We got up early and went to the grandkids house before eight o’clock. We packed up the necessities in a backpack and loaded our umbrella stroller into the car. We took two cars, as our cars really don’t have room for three adults and two kids.

It seemed to take forever, given the traffic, and in fact took well over an hour, accidents having brought about issues that turn highways into parking lots. We got to the Shedd Aquarium somewhere around ten o’clock. We had hoped to be closer to the nine o’clock opening, but that was not bad.

We viewed a few exhibits, mainly the Amazon and Great Lakes fish, as well as the central aquarium where the scuba diver schedules time. We collected our tickets for the Dolphin show and quickly went in, by this time; one of our grandkids was starving. Luckily, my backpack had all sorts of possibilities.

The kids were mesmerized by the sea lion and the dolphins and they even brought in a barn owl that flew a short distance for the audience. It was a quick show, just right for the little ones. When it ended, we went to the eating area and fed them lunch.

That was followed by some more exhibits, this time, mainly coral and the Philippines. MK and I stopped in the gift shop for some quick purchases of memorabilia and then we got the kids in the car for the ride home.

Overall, this cold, sunny day spent at the Shedd was a wonderful outing.

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