The Perfect End to the Perfect Day

‘It does a family good.’

We got back from the Shedd Aquarium in the early afternoon, put the youngest grandkid in bed for a nap, and then chilled for a bit before having a late lunch.

MK went to our other son’s house after picking up a granddaughter from pre-school and then took her home to wait for her sister to come home from school.

I did a few things around the house after returning home and then MK called me to say that perhaps I should come over to our son’s house, as we would have dinner with him and his two daughters since mom was working late.

I went over to find my other son coming to get a jacket left in our car. In doing so, his kids, who were in the car, got upset at the thought of visiting and not staying. We all ended up going in to the house where we shared a late afternoon drink while the kids played.

It was one of those perfect moments where the four grandkids played in a perfect way and we were allowed to enjoy each other while being entertained by the joy of the grandkids as they interacted.

Food was ordered and we had dinner, and once again, it was perfection as the kids had a ball and were so well behaved.

It was a win-win situation. Our being there was a distraction for the older grandkids. The younger grandkids, who idolize the older ones, had a ball. We adults had a good time as the daughters-in-law were either late in coming home or at work.

A great day at the Shedd Aquarium and a bit of icing on the cake.

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Sixty something, father, papi, educator, organizer, Francophile, traveler, amateur photographer, gardener, cyclist, kayaker, calligrapher, cinephile, reader, and overall renaissance type human being.
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