Random Sunday thoughts

I just finished skimming the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune. I am annoyed with myself and embarrassed to say that I cannot sit down and just read the newspaper. I don’t have the capacity or focus to intensely read an article unless it is of super interest to me.

My ‘light’ cold that I got over a week ago has not stopped me from doing anything, yet I find it quite annoying. The coughing has dissipated but the sinus-type drainage is to the point of waking me up in the morning. Of course, last night we changed the clocks before going to bed and I got up at the usual time. Wouldn’t you know that we went to bed later than normal as well.

It is relatively cold outside, but not freezing. The sun is shining and the crocuses are blooming. That is a nice touch and I can see all sorts of things just about ready to pop up.

The koi pond is relatively clear but I am sad as we lost one of our large koi. A few weeks ago I saw him floating belly up. All of the other fish looked healthy. I think I may just have to buy a baby koi to replace him. I looked at the calendar, and in some years it had already been warm enough to put the pump and filter in. Not this year.

Yesterday, we saw ‘Black Panther’ and were thrilled with the movie. It was gratifying to see a movie filled with an African-American cast, a smattering of Koreans, and one white man. I am so glad we saw it at the movies as it was a visually beautiful movie from all angles. I just keep thinking, however, how long overdue this movie is, but how wonderful that it finally occurred.

Lucky, our youngest grandpuppy, is here for an hour while his ‘parents’ do some real estate work. That usually means some intense attention as we try to get them to not only play, but also settle down.

Judy Collins is playing on the Sonos and I am wondering what the day has in store for us.

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