Eggs are almost in ‘omelette’ mode.

Time to scramble…

…the finished product: scromelette!

I hate eggs. I have no problem with them in cakes or desserts, but as a breakfast staple, I avoid them like the plague. Clearly, there is something wrong with me. My mom used to say that at an early age, I decided that the color ‘yellow,’ as a food item, was something that knocked things automatically off my food list. It is pretty much accurate.

I have children and had to feed them. I also remember making eggs for my mom. How is it possible that I can even cook these things when I don’t eat them?

Of late, given the grandkids, I have gotten back into making eggs and today MK asked me to make them for her.

I am calling it a ‘scromelette,’ as I really don’t start ‘scrambling it, nor do I do a major scramble to finish them off, until they are at the omelette stage. I didn’t even notice that I do this until MK watched me make them this morning, having asked me since hers don’t taste like mine.

I do have a few tricks here, one of them learned from my mom. I use a small amount of water. She told me about this years ago as she felt it made the eggs fluffier. I don’t use any milk at all.

I use a large pat of butter, heat up the pan, and shake up the eggs in my special water bottle which whips them up nicely. I make sure the pan is hot with the melted butter, place the shaken eggs in, and wait for them to get into the omelette mode where you could almost flip half over and create the omelette. Once there, I gently scramble them. I put in no salt, no pepper, I serve them and the person served can do whatever with them.

The grandkids love them and so does Mary Kay. Maybe sometime, I should try them again.

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