Project Manager

Project Managers come in all shapes, sizes, and ages.

The one I am talking about is not even four and is less than thirty pounds.

She is better at getting things done than I am; that is for sure and she is relentless, perhaps a good version of a pit bull. She already has a mind like a steel trap and uses it to get you when you least expect it. Proof of that is when, at some point, we talked to her of her Uncle and that before he was born that we called him Sven. It seems like months later after we told her that she went to Uncle Dude (as they all call him) and said, clear out of the blue, “Uncle Dude, your name was Sven before you were born.” Uncle Dude dropped his jaw, something he does not do all that often.

So, Mary Kay has been back at sewing. Mary Kay has made a drop dead gorgeous Elsa (from Frozen) costume, an Alice in Wonderland (for this steel-trap minded granddaughter), and other things as well.

Then, one day, Miss MST (Mind with a Steel Trap) started on Mary Kay that she wanted a Wizard of Oz costume…for Dorothy. She didn’t demand, she charmed her way to her goal. Ever since, she even tells her parents that when she goes to ‘Mamie’s’ house, her costume will be waiting for her. Yeah, right.

At under four, she really doesn’t get the concept of selecting and buying the material, how patterns work, cutting the material in the shape of the pattern, sewing the parts together, taking them apart when one realizes that the sizing is off, buying more material, etc. We are working on explaining the reality of projects to her.

It doesn’t matter, she has a job, she is focused, and she is ‘on it.’ The dress has been in production for less than a week and it already looks like the dress Dorothy wore. I hope that this lasts her a lifetime. Look out, world!

Next on the agenda, Glinda, for this young ladies cousin, and Elpheba for the other. The youngest, our little granddude, is set to be the Tin Man or the Lion.

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